For Mission Critical Software Projects

Author / Agile Project and Program Manager

Peggy S. Morgan has been working in the software development business as a Developer, Project Manager and Program Manager for the past 30+ years.  Almost half of those years have been spent as a senior development manager of large scale/mission critical projects using Iterative methods and Agile/Scrum.  Ms. Morgan has a passion for Agile software development methods which has developed in the past six years as she's led various large, high profile Agile projects.  She also has a career-long passion for serving the business needs of her employers.

These two passions have led her to develop and promote an Agile Project Management methodology called Agile Dev Pointing or ADP.  The ADP Framework is specifically designed for managers who need a flexible planning/modeling framework for their budget constrained, fixed or near fixed scope and highly date driven Agile projects. Type your paragraph here.