For Mission Critical Software Projects

When Failure is NOT an option

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Topics: Estimating, Capacity Planning, Agile Team Design, Budgeting, Burn Down charts, Status Reporting, Vendor Management and more -- start to finish guide on all steps of managing multi-sprint team efforts.

…with mission critical projects, we’re often faced with very little scope that can be flexed.  We’re also faced with teams whose velocity has been modeled but not proven – the urgency of the project may have forced us to do a rapid ramp up.  The need for the ability to do re-planning and careful monitoring is much greater." 

"What’s needed for mission critical projects is the ability to remodel the projected productivity of any of the individual Agile teams on the project for the remainder of the entire project and view the impact of that remodeling on the rest of the multi-team project for the remainder of the project…"

"One of the biggest problems with mission critical projects is that this type of project will often have scope prioritizations where 95% or more of the items are “must have” items... Since schedule is usually fixed as well on critical projects, flexing capacity is important..."