For Mission Critical Software Projects

Learn how to turn a capacity/estimates model into an initial budget and schedule.  Learn effective ways to communicate status and to coordinate key milestones with cross-departmental stakeholders.

Understand why Agile projects fail and what you can do to model your project and to keep it on track.  Learn about how syncing on a dev point gold standard can help with creating a project model.

Learn an iterative approach to managing large scale Agile projects.  Learn how to keep your estimates and capacity model current and your project on schedule.

Project & PRogram Mgmt

A gold standard

Agile Project Management for Mission Critical IT Projects isn’t a book for theorists. It’s a book for real world managers who are handed complex software projects with inflexible dates, inflexible scope and fixed budgets. While much of this book focuses on large projects, the techniques described can also be utilized by small and medium sized projects. Agile methods like Scrum have provided the foundation for an efficient software assembly line and there’s no reason to change what works. The project management techniques described in this book will enable you to build and run an efficient Agile software factory. With the methods described in this book, you’ll know if your teams are tracking to the expected output and, if not, how to fix your project productivity model. This book presents management principles along with usable templates.    PDF Version

Managing Success Drivers